Marco da Silva

Product designer & AI enthusiastic

Product Design & Craft Leadership for start-ups and large orgs. 

I'm a Product Designer with 10+ years of experience, including roles at Farfetch, letgo, and currently TravelPerk where my primary focus is designing native mobile apps for travelers, with a strong interest in UX strategy and design systems.

Living in Barcelona area, working fully remotely

As a Senior & Lead Designer, I have extensive experience in handling a wide range of projects, from websites to mobile app design. This diverse background enables me to quickly adapt to new environments and challenges.

My approach blends strategic thinking with a deep understanding of user needs and data analysis, ensuring that both customer satisfaction and business objectives are met.

Kind words from colleagues.

I've been fortunate enough to work with, and continuously learn from many talented and inspiring people over the years, from driven product thinkers and designers, to ambitious founders and leaders.

“Marco excels at his job, mentors others, and sets a great example with his productivity and creativity. His contribution was key in defining Casumo’s design system. I highly recommend him as a team member or leader.”

Raquel Vilariño
Lead Product Designer en Shopify

“Marco’s enthusiasm and attention to detail, as a Lead Designer, inspire his colleagues to strive for top-level design. He promotes collaboration among teams and consistently delivers professional, insightful work.”

Sérgio Laranjeira
CTO at Metacore

“You can definitely notice the effort and love in everything that Marco does. His attention to detail and visuals, making sure he’s on top of the latests patterns and web trends, makes him a very important asset to the team.”

José Silva
Head of Experience at Farfetch

Being hands-on,

I enjoy getting involved in the whole process, starting
from ideation and conceptualisation to designing, prototyping, testing and shipping the ideas.

My cross-functional design leadership at letgo enhanced its revenue model, while at TravelPerk,
my craft in a Staff position steered the development of native apps from the ground up.

Across these roles, I've consistently been instrumental in crafting and aiding design systems, bridging the gap between web and native applications.
Throughout my career, I’ve been exposed to a diverse range of business models, development processes, and design challenges.
This means I’ve enriched my experience with every project and team, and have developed a natural inclination toward building complex platforms, especially when working in agile remote teams.

Conceptual designs
and product vision

Recently, I’ve been deeply involved in defining a product vision, outlining our destination and the path to get there. This process is especially intricate when we’re focused on the broader product landscape, rather than just individual features or use cases.

In my work, conceptual design is much more than a simple process. It's about diving deep into creative ideas and figuring out how to make products, services, or spaces that really fit with what the future might need.

Crafting Vision

In creating products, it’s really important to make things people can see and touch early on. Prototyping helps turn big ideas into something real that everyone can understand and talk about.
I bring ideas to life with models that can be seen and interacted with from the start. This ensures clarity and consensus on the direction. Ultimately, I craft well-functioning products that resonate with users.

Shared for Success

As a firm believer in the power of a shared vision, I understand the importance of alignment within a team.  In my approach, I emphasize the significance of avoiding guesswork or assumptions, as it’s imperative that every team member is united in working toward a common objective.

Interaction Prototyping
Precision and Engagement

As a mobile designer, my role extends far beyond creating visually appealing interfaces; it’s fundamentally about crafting interactions that are intuitive, engaging, and efficient. Prototyping these interactions is not just a step in the design process – it’s a critical practice that ensures every pixel on the screen is placed with purpose and precision.

Each interaction is designed keeping the user in mind – how they hold their device, how they navigate, and how they expect elements to respond.

I'm a contributor to
TravelPerk's native mobile apps.

Lead an initiative to build and modernise the Travelperk mobile product from top to bottom by collaborating across disciplines over the course of nearly three years. I also designed and launched the new app design system, contributing to the company's growth.

AppStoreGoogle PlayWeb place

I led an initiative to completely revamp and modernize the TravelPerk mobile product. This involved close collaboration across various disciplines over nearly three years. Additionally, I spearheaded the design and launch of the new app design system, significantly contributing to the company’s growth.

My primary responsibilities include developing features for both iOS and Android platforms, and creating a new design system that is compatible across these platforms.

In the past 2 years, my focus has shifted towards enhancing native booking flows, transitioning from a companion app to a comprehensive daily-use product for travelers.

I have contributed to laying the groundwork for TravelPerk’s future, particularly through the development and refinement of the app’s design system.

travel experiences
at scale

Design System

I help to build and define the foundations for Travelperk future through the development of the app design system.

Worked closely with the engineering and design teams to revamp the product’s design system to include semantic colors, handcrafted icons, typography styles, and mobile components.

I’ve been leading the design of the TravelPerk mobile app. With it, we have been exploring different visual directions of the app, coming up with new usability patterns while delivering features.

If you've made it this far, thank you for your time!

I'm always interested in new ideas, opportunities or hearing what you're working on, so drop me a message 📩 or schedule a quick chat 💬.