I’m Marco

🇵🇹 Portuguese Designer living in ☀️ Barcelona, working fully remotely 💻

I’m a generalist designer passionate about solving relevant problems in a simple, inclusive, and ethical way, I strives to create simple and impactful user experiences. 

I take on projects of all sizes — from mobile apps and web designs to design systems.



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Starting as a front-end designer back in 2008, although my primary focus since then has been on designing, my technical experience has accompanied me throughout my adventures. I gradually moved to UX/UI over the last 9 years.

My curiosity has led me to dig into how mobile platforms work: their interaction patterns and their more technical ins and outs. And that desire to learn has helped me better understand the details that make a difference, and improve my communication.

I believe experiences for users should be logical, methodical, and most importantly — predictable. I believe in the power of patterns, but also am continuously learning when it’s appropriate to break them. I take pride in the craft of interface design and find so much joy in both getting things out there quickly and in sweating the smallest details of projects.

Involving people from different disciplines and perspectives in the earliest stages of shaping new product ideas. In my experience, this eliminates many uncertainties, and everyone’s communication and engagement is substantially improved, you can read more here on how I work.

I’m a designer who strives to create simple, original, and impactful user experiences. I take on projects of all sizes; from mobile apps, web designs, to design systems. I apply everything I have learned about inclusive design in every new project, and I also invest my time trying to educate others  about the matter.

About me


I redesigned the website and defined how designs work within the company by building a design team from ground up. Later to IPO


I built and improved the letgo monetization model.


Over the last 2 years, I’ve been building brand new native apps for TravelPerk, defining every small detail since day 1.

Design Systems

I have helped to build cross-platform design systems from scratch, for both web and mobile apps.

Professional Achievements

🗣 Seek feedback

I love to think, ideate, criticize, and explore ideas as a way of expanding my perspectivem, while also partnering with people who are motivated and strong with follow-through.

👨‍🏫 Keep learning

I find pressure exhilarating. I grow the most when there’s an external force pushing me to learn something new. On the same note, when I find a subject particularly interesting, I’ll throw myself into it entirely.

📐 Stay consistent

I sweat the details and keep things consistent, right down to the pixel. If you don’t pay attention to this in the design phase, how are developers going to get it right? This is pretty easy if you systemise everything and take the time to lay the foundations.

🕵️‍♂️ Be curious

Deep curiosity and a quest for knowledge across a broad set of evolving topics drive much of my life. Learning about anything and everything forms a foundational way of thinking that allows me to approach every problem with fresh eyes.

My design Principles

User interviews / User testings
Research projects
Heuristic evaluations
Accessibility audits & solutions
Design critiques
Complex projects cross company
Proof of concepts
Design systems for web and mobile natives (iOS, Android)
Full redesigns
Lead & build teams

I've led & conduct

Some nice things people that have worked with me over the years wrote about our experience together.

What people say about me

If you've made it this far, thank you for your time!

I'm always interested in new ideas, opportunities or hearing what you're working on, so drop me a message 📩 marcopslopes@gmail.com or schedule a quick chat 💬.


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