My professional path


With the experience I gained as a Senior & Lead Designer working directly with various projects from web to mobile apps, I can quickly adapt to new challenges. Being hands-on, I enjoy getting involved in the whole process, starting from ideation and conceptualisation to designing, prototyping, testing and shipping the ideas.

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Nov 2019 - Currently, Barcelona

Senior Product Design

I’m a Senior Designer at TravelPerk, where I’m leading the design work for a new native app for our travelers on the go, for both iOS and Android. I spend my days creating features that help travelers have a smooth journey, including organizational approaches, design systems, developer hand-off, and everything in-between.

As Designer for the mobile app, I conducted deep research, direct and indirect competitors to understand the uniqueness of the current product.

Based on the insights I gained through research, I created a Product Strategy and a Design Strategy together with the product manager.

I have worked intensively to improve communication between designers, focus on common goals, create appropriate rituals and channels, and distribute the system’s ownership among the entire team. And it’s giving us great results.

Significant tasks I have carried out

  • Asumed the administration and organization of Figma among other Design Ops activities related to native mobile design.
  • Lead the product design & vision
  • Build product concepts
  • Lead the visual design for the entire iOS & Android
  • Build from scratch the Design System for mobile apps
  • User research (conduct interviews, user testings...)
  • Advocates other designers to mobile
  • Establishing and documenting patterns and best practices
  • Share insights and designs across company squads
  • Led the redefinition of the Design workflow, in order to be more organized internally and externally.



Jul 2017 - Nov 2019, Barcelona

Senior Product Design

At letgo I lead the design of several Verticals, from monetization to payments and shipping. I was responsible for leading a series of innovation initiatives aimed at monetization and transforming how design operates in letgo.

I worked in collaboration with Project Managers, Tech Team and Marketing, building new features and improving the existing ones. I was responsible for the letgo design system implementation and adoption across teams.

On the other hand, I helped scale the design system, co-defining a building processes according to the changes that were taking place in the company: from the challenge and its evaluation criteria to the entire process.

The most significant challenge was to channel our efforts towards things that generated the most value in the medium-long term. For this, I had to educate, convince, and help the different stakeholders finally align with each other. That was key to be able to define together a strategy and goals for each new section.



Sep 2016 - Jul 2017, Remote, Barcelona & Malta

Senior Product Design

Lead and implement a design system from product thinking to styles guides and processes.

Working on Gamification verticals, create a seamless experience on games, adventure progression mode how to incorporate community features within the product in order to make stronger player loyalty and better player retention.

  • Adventure concept defined and entered prototyping phase and design.
  • Working on Gamification flows and structure


Sep 2013 - Jul 2016, London & Porto

Product Designer Manager & Team lead

Former Lead Designer at Farfetch, I was part of the product leadership team, responsible for defining and managing the overall company design strategy and execution. Provide direction and lead the design teams between Porto, Brazil and London, where I help to develop and build UX & Research teams, also I’m responsible for all the design language at Farfetch, building and releasing the whole redesign website,

I Helped grow the team from 1 to over 20 designers, During Farfetch international expansion, I helped grow our London & Porto design offices, while establishing new processes to support our growth.

Significant tasks I have carried out

  • Recruit, coach, bringing the right skills for the company to build effective product teams and develop the product further.
  • Lead the global redesign of providing a new brand identify, cross-device responsive interfaces and a new mobile app.
  • Defined product design principles and set up design system, processes and tooling.
  • Work cohesively with other departments
  • Interviewed product and marketing stakeholders, analysed business and user data to define Minimum Viable Product, plan and test its iterations toward the agreed vision.
  • Pro-actively push the level of quality in both thinking and execution
  • Hands-on design - create and design assets/visual content for the Farfetch website and mobile apps
  • Design and develop online content including homepages and website/app features


Being a designer is about believing that there is a better way of doing things.