2017 - 2019

Senior Product Designer
I was responsible for leading a series of innovation initiatives aimed at monetizations and transforming how design operates in letgo.

My role

I lead the design of several Verticals, from monetization to payments and shipping. I worked in collaboration with Project Managers, Tech Team, and Marketing to building new features and improve the existing ones.
I was responsible for the letgo design system implementation and adoption across teams.




Interaction designer
Visual designer
Design system
UX Interviews and testing
Run workshops

The teams

Monetization (Lead Designer)
The design team (Design system lead)
Shipping, payments, real state, cars (Lead designer)

The product

letgo is the biggest and fastest-growing app to buy and sell locally.
Over 75 million downloads and 200 million listings! Is available for iPhone and Android devices, and also on the web.

500,000 listings go up every day.
– World Wide: MUL’S Monthly Unique Listers: 3.5M

Feature listing

Currently, letgo makes money thanks to advertising and some features that in exchange for a small amount of money give more visibility to your listing making the sale faster.

If we allow users to see all bump options at once and provide options (and upsell) to do a subscription for super-boost mode, we can increase revenue.

Making offer & Pay

With the insights from user interviews, we realize the users wanted a faster way to secure their items by making an offer. Once the sale is agreed the seller will share the shipping info in your dedicated item chat, if buyer decided to pick up your item, your seller will share the next steps.


Modular design is about breaking down a design into small parts, creating them independently, and then later combining them into a larger system. Letgo was growing together with another designer we had the challenge to have more features inside of the profile page, so we had to reinvent this screen to accommodate all the features

Listing managment

Increasing the quality of listings → generate more quality conversations, through mechanisms to encourage users to add info to their listings.

Generate a better conversion from favorite to a conversation → with more quality conversations.

LMP consists of 3 separate spaces: selling, sold, and favorites:

  • On the selling tab we encourage users to manage their listings: adding more info, featuring them, marking as sold, etc.
  • On the favorites tab, we save the items the user has favorited for him to more easily start conversations about them.

Follow sellers

With the increase of retention on sellers we found that users would like to follow buyers to showcase their products at first hand.

Pwa redesign

With the app design direction, we had the necessity to redesign our PWA, I had the opportunity to completely redesign the homepage and the product detail page.

Design system

As the letgo team grew, it became increasingly important to maintain a consistent style and visual language across all areas of the product. With IOS, Android, and PWA it was clear that we needed more systematic ways to guide and leverage our collective efforts.

The initial outcome was to have a collection of reusable components, guided by clear principles, that can be combined together to create as simple and as complex experiences, as needed.

Owning and leading the Design system project. Introduce the project to the stakeholders and to the company itself, planning and organize the teams around the project. Creating roadmaps to the teams managing and supervising the project.

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