TravelPerk (Oct 2019 - Ongoing)

Liberate business travelers to book anything anywhere within minutes.

Building experiences from scratch, working across verticals & squads to make sure we deliver the best experience to travelers on the go.

App overview

App Design System

Building travel experiences at scale

I build and define the foundations for Travelperk future through the development of the app design system.

Case study

Letgo (Jun 2017 -  Sept 2019)

letgo is the biggest and fastest-growing app to buy and sell locally.

I led the design of several verticals, from monetization to payments and shipping. I was responsible for leading a series of innovative initiatives aimed at monetization and transforming how design operates in letgo.

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CASUMO Sept 2016- Jul 2017

Gamification & Design Systems

I worked on Gamification verticals, create a seamless experience on games, adventure progression mode how to incorporate community features within the product in order to make stronger player loyalty and better player retention.

Farfetch (Sept 2012- Jul 2016)

Farfetch is an online platform for luxury fashion 

As part of the product leadership team, I was responsible for defining and managing the overall company design strategy and execution. I provided direction and led the design teams between Porto, Brazil, and London, always having in mind the multicultural and diverse environment.

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How I solve design problems

...Through all my processes, my one constant is to ask the right questions before designing.
It frames the way I approach a problem and guides me toward the appropriate UX strategy and tools going forward...

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